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Vieux 12/04/2018, 10h12
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Date d'inscription: juin 2009
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Par défaut Maj Arma3

Points intéressants :

Hormis les nouveaux chars :

Added: Offroad (AT) variant
Added: MB 4WD (AT) variant***
Added: MB 4WD (LMG) variant***
Added: Prowler (AT) variant***
Added: Qilin (AT) variant***
Added: Zamak MLR variant (AAF)

Added: Titan, Scalpel, Jian, Macer, Sharur, Vorona, Firefist, RPG42, RPG7, MRAAWS, SPG9, Tratnyr, Shrieker (anti-armor variants) and DAGR now use HEAT submunitions

Added: Cannon-launched HEAT missiles

Added: Top-down missile flight profile for Firefist, Titan, Scalpel, Macer and cannon-launched 120mm MARUK laser-guided missile variant
Added: Overfly top attack missile flight profile for the PCML launcher

Added: Rangefinder to PCML and Titan optics

Added: Incoming missile warning for all tanks and APCs (base classes)
Added: countermeasureActivationRadius (incoming missile warning range) set to 2km for AFVs and 10km for aircraft

Tweaked: Laser-guided bombs do not lock on the laser before launch anymore. LGBs are to be dropped using CCIP and they will lock-on after launch (LOAL) automatically.

Tweaked: Changes to the Revive system:

Players incapacitated in vehicles are no longer automatically killed
Incapacitated crew can now be unloaded from their vehicle using a new action
Bleeding mechanics and PP effect handling were simplified and optimized
Being unconscious under water or in destroyed / burning vehicles makes players bleed 3x faster, to simulate drowning / burning
Score handling was fixed:
Incapacitating someone now properly triggers score adjustment (+1 for an enemy unit, -1 for a friendly unit)
Executing someone doesn't affect score anymore (however it brings a rating penalty, even for enemies)
Rating issues were fixed:
Rating is now properly adjusted when a unit is incapacitated, executed, revived, or secured
Standard kill and team-kill rating adjustments (provided by the game) are also factored in
Players can now use a new 'Secure' (hold) action to take an incapacitated enemy out of action in a less violent way
Securing doesn't trigger a rating penalty as execution does
Reviving animations were added
Reviving positioning requirements are now more forgiving
Collisions were removed from incapacitated animations on the animation config side; the scripted solution was removed
Many minor adjustments and fixes were done

Tweaked: Thermal textures of Darter / Tayran drones were improved

Une dinde qui analyserait le comportement des hommes en conclurait, après une série d’observations, que ceux-ci sont faits pour nourrir les dindes…jusqu’à ce que vienne Noël qui l’obligerait à changer très vite de vision du monde. - Bertrand Russell -

Trom Xua Snoc
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